Welcome to the Universal Life Ministerial Formation Network!

This is an independent site unaffiliated with any denomination of Universal Life, but supportive of the original Universal Life Church based out of Modesto California. If you click the link on this blog to apply for ordination, you will be routed to the website for Universal Life Church HQ. That website is currently not a lot to look at, but behind it is the church established by Rev. Kirby J. Hensely in 1962, and which is still led today by his son, Rev. Andre Hensely. 

This site exists to promote professional development for Universal Life Church ministers. While no training is required to become ordained, many types of ministry are better performed with some formal preparation. Further, formal recognition for roles such as chaplain have specific standards that must be met to obtain full certification. Thus, it is worthwhile to provide tools and tips to guide Universal Life Church ministers who want to excel at what they do. 

That said, whatever your denomination of Universal Life, and whatever your professional or personal goals, you're welcome here. We're not about building walls, but bridges. 

OUR BELIEF: To Do That Which is Right 
OUR GOAL: A Fuller Life for Everyone
OUR OBJECTIVE: Eternal Progression
OUR SLOGAN: To Live and Help Live


The Universal Life Church HQ in Modesto, California is Recognized by 

The Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc

The Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc. ®, a national, not-for-profit 501(c)(6) an affiliate of the Association of Professional Chaplains ®, certifies professional chaplains according to established national qualifications has recognized the Universal Life Church based out of Modesto, California as a denomination whose clergy are eligible to apply for certification. Browse bcci.professionalchaplains.org for further information.

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