This is the official website of the original Universal Life Church, founded in 1962 by Rev. Kirby J. Hensley, and currently led by his son, Rev. Andre Hensley.
This is a list of graduate schools currently accredited by the Association of Theological Schools, which is recognized by all major denominations and within the academic world. All schools meet certain standards for accreditation and are reviewed periodically to maintain their standing. Many denominations require people seeking ordination to obtain a Master of Divinity from an ATS accredited seminary, and this degree is also required by some professional organizations for formal certification. 
An organization upholding professional standards for chaplains. Those certified by this body are people who have met requirements such as obtaining an appropriate, accredited graduate education and having completed a certain number of units of Clinical Pastoral Education.
A Facebook group for Universal Life Church ministers to connect to share ideas, discuss life, and work on professional development. 


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