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BCCI Certification for Universal Life Church Ministers: Unlocking Opportunities in Professional Chaplaincy


When it comes to pursuing a career as a professional chaplain, the Board of Chaplaincy Certification, Inc. (BCCI) certification holds significant value. As a non-profit organization, BCCI offers recognition and a standardized framework for chaplaincy professionals. Universal Life Church ministers looking to expand their horizons and explore opportunities in chaplaincy can greatly benefit from BCCI certification. In this blog post, we will delve into the background, requirements, certification process, and the benefits of obtaining BCCI certification for Universal Life Church ministers.

The Origins of BCCI: A Commitment to Excellence

In 1987, a group of dedicated chaplains founded the Board of Chaplaincy Certification, Inc. with a vision to establish a benchmark of excellence in the field of chaplaincy. Their mission was to create a standardized certification process that encompassed education, experience, and ethical considerations. Over the years, BCCI has emerged as a trusted authority in certifying professional chaplains, gaining recognition from numerous healthcare organizations.

Eligibility Requirements: Charting the Path to Certification

To be eligible for BCCI certification, Universal Life Church ministers must meet specific requirements that demonstrate their dedication and competence in the field of chaplaincy. The following prerequisites must be fulfilled:
  1. Graduation from an accredited chaplaincy program: To ensure a strong foundation in chaplaincy, prospective applicants must possess a degree from an accredited chaplaincy program. This education equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their roles as chaplains.
  2. Minimum two years of chaplaincy experience: BCCI values practical experience, considering it an essential component in becoming a certified chaplain. Universal Life Church ministers who have actively engaged in chaplaincy work for a minimum of two years are well-suited to pursue BCCI certification.
  3. Successful completion of a written exam: BCCI conducts a comprehensive written examination designed to assess candidates' understanding of various aspects of chaplaincy. The exam evaluates their knowledge of spiritual care, ethics, and the diverse needs of individuals in healthcare settings.
  4. Endorsement from a BCCI-certified chaplain: An endorsement from a current BCCI-certified chaplain acts as a testimonial to an individual's commitment and aptitude in the field. This endorsement further strengthens the credibility of Universal Life Church ministers seeking BCCI certification.
  5. Certification from a recognized religious group: Rev. Andre Hensley, the President of the Universal Life Church headquarters, can provide endorsement to Universal Life Church ministers aspiring to become certified chaplains. No other branch or denomination of Universal Life is currently able to provide this endorsement.
Navigating the Certification Process: Steps to Success

Obtaining BCCI certification involves a well-defined process that ensures individuals meet the rigorous standards set forth by the organization. The journey towards certification unfolds as follows:
  1. Online application: Universal Life Church ministers interested in BCCI certification must submit an online application, which serves as the initial step in the process. This application allows candidates to share their personal and professional details, establishing their eligibility for certification.
  2. Submission of application materials: Alongside the application, candidates must provide supporting documents such as transcripts from their accredited chaplaincy program, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement outlining their commitment to the field of chaplaincy. These materials provide valuable insights into an individual's background and dedication.
  3. Payment of application fee: As with any certification process, BCCI certification requires the payment of an application fee. This fee covers administrative costs associated with processing the application and conducting subsequent evaluations.
  4. Written examination: Candidates are required to complete a written examination that evaluates their knowledge of chaplaincy, ethics, and related subjects. This examination serves as a crucial assessment of an individual's preparedness to serve as a professional chaplain.
  5. Panel interview: Upon successfully passing the written examination, candidates proceed to an interview conducted by a panel of BCCI-certified chaplains. This panel interview provides an opportunity for Universal Life Church ministers to showcase their understanding of chaplaincy principles and discuss their experiences in the field.
Maintaining BCCI Certification: Continuous Growth and Learning

BCCI places a strong emphasis on continuous professional development, recognizing the ever-evolving nature of chaplaincy. To maintain BCCI certification, Universal Life Church ministers must complete 60 continuing education units (CEUs) every three years. CEUs can be obtained through various activities, including attending conferences, participating in classes, publishing articles, and engaging in other relevant educational opportunities. This commitment to ongoing learning ensures that BCCI-certified chaplains remain well-versed in the latest practices and advancements in the field.

The Benefits of BCCI Certification: Expanding Opportunities

For Universal Life Church ministers seeking to make a difference as professional chaplains, BCCI certification opens doors to various opportunities. The benefits of BCCI certification include:

Enhanced employability: BCCI certification is widely recognized and respected by healthcare organizations. Holding this certification strengthens Universal Life Church ministers' chances of securing chaplaincy positions in healthcare settings, such as hospitals, hospices, and long-term care facilities.
  1. Professional reputation: BCCI certification lends credibility to Universal Life Church ministers' professional standing as chaplains. It signifies their commitment to ethical practices, ongoing education, and the delivery of compassionate spiritual care.
  2. Networking and collaboration: Becoming a part of the BCCI-certified chaplain community provides Universal Life Church ministers with valuable networking opportunities. Collaborating with other certified chaplains can enrich their knowledge, broaden their perspectives, and foster professional growth.
  3. Personal growth and fulfillment: BCCI certification equips Universal Life Church ministers with a deeper understanding of chaplaincy principles and the skills necessary to address diverse spiritual needs. This personal growth allows them to provide meaningful support to individuals and families during challenging times, fostering a sense of fulfillment and purpose in their work.

For Universal Life Church ministers aspiring to serve as professional chaplains, BCCI certification is an invaluable credential. The thorough certification process, ongoing professional development requirements, and the recognition of BCCI certification by healthcare organizations make it an ideal pathway to pursue a career in chaplaincy. Rev. Andre Hensley's expertise and endorsement further solidify the connection between Universal Life Church and BCCI certification, offering Universal Life Church ministers guidance and support throughout their journey. By obtaining BCCI certification, Universal Life Church ministers can unlock new opportunities, build their reputation, and make a profound impact as compassionate and competent chaplains.

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