Thursday, June 22, 2023

ULC Sacred Summer Adventure, Day Four - The Joy of Service

Objective: By the end of this lesson, the students will understand the importance of service to others, recognize different ways to serve, and experience the joy that comes from helping those in need.

  • Whiteboard or flipchart
  • Markers
  • Paper
  • Pens or pencils
  • Optional: Volunteer information for local soup kitchen or homeless shelter

  1. Begin by briefly recapping the previous day's lesson on the gift of forgiveness and its significance in the Universal Life Church.
  2. Ask the students if they have ever helped someone in need or engaged in acts of service before.

Discussion - Understanding Service:
  1. Write the word "service" on the whiteboard or flipchart and ask the students to share their definitions or ideas about what service means to them.
  2. Engage the students in a discussion about the concept of service, emphasizing that it involves selflessly helping others and making a positive impact in their lives.
  3. Discuss the connection between service and the Universal Life Church principles of love, peace, and understanding.

Different Ways to Serve:
  1. Brainstorm and list various ways to serve others on the whiteboard or flipchart, such as volunteering, offering support or comfort, performing acts of kindness, fundraising for charitable causes, or participating in community service projects.
  2. Ask the students to share any personal experiences they have had with serving others or witnessing acts of service.

Activity - Plan a Service Project:
  1. Divide the students into small groups or pairs.
  2. Instruct each group to brainstorm and plan a service project they would like to carry out within the community or school.
  3. Provide paper and pens or pencils to each group and encourage them to write down their ideas and plans, including the purpose of the project, the target recipients, and the tasks involved.
  4. Walk around and offer guidance and support to the groups, helping them refine their ideas if needed.

Volunteer Opportunity (Optional):
  1. If feasible, inform the students about a local soup kitchen or homeless shelter where they can volunteer their services.
  2. Provide any necessary volunteer information, such as contact details, location, and available time slots.
  3. Encourage the students to consider this opportunity and coordinate with their families if they are interested in participating.

Reflection and Sharing:
  1. Bring the groups back together and give each group an opportunity to present their service project plans.
  2. Encourage the students to discuss the potential impact of their projects and how they align with the Universal Life Church principles.
  3. Emphasize that even small acts of service can make a significant difference in the lives of others.

  1. Summarize the key points discussed during the lesson, highlighting the joy that comes from serving others.
  2. Reinforce the idea that service is a way to spread love, bring peace, and foster understanding in the world.
  3. Encourage the students to actively seek opportunities to serve others and experience the joy that comes from helping those in need.
  4. Conclude with a brief prayer or moment of reflection centered around service and its transformative power.

Note: Be mindful of the students' age and abilities when planning the service project. Ensure that any volunteer opportunities are appropriate and supervised by responsible adults. If a local volunteer opportunity is not available, encourage students to think of alternative ways they can serve within their community or school.

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